Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been stressing out this past week over what craft to do during my 3rd grade son's Valentine's Day party on the 12th! I always volunteer to lead the craft (nobody wants me baking cupcakes or cookies or creating some fancy fruit-kabob--YIKES!). I spent the better part of the weekend searching the internet for something that these 3rd graders would think was cool. All I kept finding were ladybugs made out of hearts or frilly doily cards--I knew those weren't going to fly with the boys in the class! We'd have a revolt for sure! Yesterday, I happened upon a fabulous crafty website called "Disney Family Fun" and voila: just about the coolest craft ever! Check it out:

Don't you just love it? And it is so simple! All you need is a small box of conversation hearts, some construction paper, string, mini Reeses peanut butter cups and the darling ipod parts that you can download here. Wish me luck--I'm hoping the kids will just love this!

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