Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crazy! (but in a good way)

Oh my goodness--ever have those weeks when you feel like you're going a million directions at once and there are so many things to get done that there's physically no way to finish them all? EEEK! That's where I'm at this week. Last Thursday, I was accepted as a vendor at one of our local (KC) vintage/repurposed/antique stores called "Bella Patina", which makes me extremely happy! And they want me to participate in their October sale which means that all of my furniture/treasures need to be delivered THIS weekend! Again, EXTREMELY happy and excited about this, but just a bit stressed about finishing everything up in time! Here are some of the pieces I have been working on:

I got this great pedestal piece at Salvation Army on Friday afternoon--so fun!

So much cuter in pink--I think it would be darling as a bedside table in a little girl's room.

These next two were actually old Bombay Company pieces I have had in my basement since 1994! Now I sorta want to keep them! ;)

I did this one in ASCP Henrietta. I love this pink!

This is ASCP Old White--my go-to color!

This was my first attempt at stripping and staining--not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, but I'm still not 100% happy with poly finish. Taking it to Bella anyway and will just price accordingly. :)

Close-up of the ASCP in Louis Blue followed by clear and dark waxes.

And I am still working on the never-ending china hutch project...I can see the finish line though and I can't wait to post some pics of the final result!


Natalie @ Johnny In A Dress said...

OMG I am LOVING all of them but the last piece I am drooling over! You are so talented! :)

Kim Woods said...

So lovely Erin! I have a few things to give you as I'm paring down my abode :) The colors are amazing as always!

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