Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giveaway!! (and a few transformations)

I am SO excited this morning! Natalie at Johnny In A Dress is featuring me on her blog today and hosting a giveaway to my little etsy shop, Studio 162! If you haven't visited Natalie's blog before, you must head over there immediately! She is absolutely adorable and has amazing style. I visit just about everyday for fabulous design and decor ideas including this little beauty, the "Mummy Lamp":

This is a really simple, really fun way to turn an old lamp from frumpy to fabulous! I had some petite bedside table lamps that I picked up from GW for $2.99 each and needed something cute for the shades so I whipped some mummy lamps up myself (bad photo, but you get the gist):

I had so much fun this past weekend working on some jewelry boxes that I found on my shopping spree last Friday! Here are some before and afters:

I think my favorite part about the little box on the left is that the teddy bear picture is an actual photo! Someone seriously lined up their teddies and took a picture of them. :) Clearly the bear portrait had to go though and I replaced it with some glittery houndstooth paper and painted it in Annie Sloan's "Country Gray" (which is really more of a dark yellow, in my opinion--great color nonetheless!).

This is the jewelry box on the left, in the photo above. I used more ASCP in "Old White", layered over "Henrietta" for a fun vintage-y look. Reminds me of those old pieces that have 6 or 7 layers of paint on them as you sand them down. :)

I love the doors on this little treasure! The etched hummingbird and flowers just make me happy.

I painted this in ASCP "Aubusson Blue" and then used both clear and dark waxes to darken the finish just a bit. I love this color against the light grey velvet inside. This one is a gift for one of my sweet friends.

I am obsessed with these old wooden pedestal pieces. I don't run across them terribly often, but when I do, I get a little giddy and pretty much skip to the register.

On this one, I layered "Emporer's Red" over "Old White" and then really went to town on the distressing to allow the white to peek through. I use red in my living room all year round, but I think this piece would be especially fun holding some colorful vintage glass ornaments at the holidays.

 Thank you so very much for stopping by today! Pls go enter the giveaway! :)


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Super cute stuff! Love that box! Came over from JIAD!! New follower!
First Grade Blue Skies

Frozen.Sunshine said...

Coming over from JIAD. Really looking forward to following your blog and seeing your awesome work!!!

Ginny said...

Your stuff so cute! Can't wait to see more! Stopping by from JIAD!

Ashley Williams said...

Hi! I'm from JIAD! I just want a table in my home of everything yours! I really really really want that blue upcycled condiment server!! You may hate me for this, but I would just love it in my kitchen for my kitty cat's food and water bowl! It would look so perfect, and he's a boy so it's meant to be!

Seaweed and Raine said...

I am so excited about your Giveaway. JIAD sent me! :) I think I would have trouble deciding on what I would choose though. ;)

carly said...

WOO i love studio 162! i read it all the time but stopped by from jiad today!

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Hi, I am crossing my fingers to win the giveaway from JIAD~ I love, love, love your lampshade you made on here! Thanks for sharing!


sarah said...

JIAD sent me your way! Lovin' your stuff!

Maggie Unruh said...

I am excited to get to know JIAD more. Already love your stuff, Erin, and JIAD looks amazing too. So fun!

Kim Woods said...

Love the pedestals, definitely SKIP worthy!

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