Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I had a GREAT trip to GW and Savers at lunch and can't wait to post some pics of my finds! My favorite is a huge, oval mirror that I picked up for $16. It is really heavy and fabulous...and the mirror easily screws apart from the frame so I can paint it. I'm thinking that piece might be a keeper. I have found that mirrors at regular retail stores can be insanely expensive! I also grabbed three new jewelry boxes and some darling saucers for a quarter each.

Here are two more boxes that I finished up earlier in the week:


 After: I used some ASCP in Henrietta, which is a really soft, pretty pink color. I ended up using both clear and dark wax to finish it and keep it from looking too "precious".

I don't have a before of this one, and have had it on hand for a while. I gave it a go with some dusty blue latex paint several months ago, then attempted to age it a bit with black paint mixed with water and ended up with a huge mess--paint peeling everywhere. I thought it was ruined and hid it in the bowels of my craft room, until Monday night when I saw it again and thought it could be resurrected with some Old White chalk paint. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and the fact that you can see the blue paint peeking through in several spots. :)

I finally got the surface of my hutch project completely sanded down to the bare wood and it is in fabulous shape! If I get really brave this evening, I may put the first coat of stain on there. (With that sandpaper sitting there, it appears that I am really old-school and hand sanded everything; however, I must tell the truth and say that I did most of it with my orbital!)

Happy Thursday!


Gael said...

I love the boxes! Chalk paint is incredible. The hutch is looking good. I'm anxious to see the stain with the bottom part.

OneRadMother said...

These boxes are AMAZING. Wish I could be so lucky - saw your giveaway at JIAD :)

Christy said...

Coming over from JIAD, I am SO glad to find you! I love all of your items. I am your newest follower. :)

Windie said...

Hiya! Saw your giveaway on JIAD and just love your work! :D

PS - not sure if its just my computer, but what i see on your blog is a HUGE amount of white space before getting to your posts... might want to look into your header ;)

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