Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Studio Girls

So I've decided to call the girls I am doing as a result of Christy Tomlinson's mixed media class "Studio Girls". Christy has copyrighted the term "She-Art Girls", and besides, no one likes a copycat, right? ;)

I created one for my mom last week on a 12X12 metal sign that I picked up for $1.40 at Hobby Lobby. Gotta love that place! It had a horrendous picture of a cow on it, so I spray painted it with white primer and went to work. Really wishing I had bought about ten of those ugly cow pictures now! Although I will say that the bigger canvases do stress me out a bit as there is a LOT more background to fill up. Somehow they always just come together though and work out. I used a light blue acrylic paint for the base of the sky and strips of green paper for the grassy hills. My parents love to vacation in Scotland, so I wanted to give it a "Scottish" feel, hence the plaid skirt and the attempt at rolling hills. :) My mom had given me a photo of herself at about age 4 that she asked if I could use as the model for her girl. This was my first go at actually trying to create a Studio Girl from a photo and it was fun! As I am typing this, I am realizing I forgot to put buttons on her little coat...

So here is the photo of my mom...I love it because it looks so much like her now, in miniature! What a sweet girl. (And she is just as sweet now!)

And here she is as a Studio Girl. I included a little dog on the hill because she ADORES dogs:

I really like the quote she chose: She never forgot a kindness. It's the truth. She remembers sweet things her college roommate's mom did for her.

I mailed this on Monday so I'm hoping it arrives this afternoon. She has already seen a picture of it and says she loves it, but don't all moms love their kids' art?

Happy Wednesday!


Tara said...

Love your Studio girl Erin, especially loving the tartan skirt!!

Gael said...

I love the way that you have captured your mom's personality. I'm sure that she was thrilled with her Studio girl.

betsy said...

I LOVE that! It is so perfect for your mom!!!

betsy said...

Ooh... forgot... she is so cute in that picture!!!

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