Monday, March 7, 2011

6 more days!

Kendall has the serious birthday countdown going on! I made her a little 12-day countdown calendar last year (thank you, House of 3!) and she is really into it as she is turning 4. This is the first year we are having a "real" party where we are inviting friends and celebrating at a venue other than our house. (Whew--I have to admit I hate having parties at my house. It is so stressful to me for some reason. I have several friends who love entertaining and have always admired them!) My parents and grandmother are coming in from Charlotte tomorrow and are so excited to be here for the big day! A friend of mine is a brilliant cake-maker and is putting together a beautiful "princess castle cake" for her. I think she may just lose her mind when she sees it! I'll be sure to post some pics.

Over at Jessica Sprague today, Cosmo Cricket has released one of my favorite collections EVAH: For The Record! It is so versatile...there were several of the creative team girls working with that line this week and it was incredible how different each of the layouts looked. I used a cute photo of my dad from 1965 for this layout. This is what he looked like when he met my mom and in the journaling I mention that she says this is the smile she fell in love with. They are still so adorable together. Click here to check out "For The Record".


Kim Woods said...

Erin, the comment your mom said how "this is the smile she fell in love with" literally gave me goosebumps! Theirs is a very sweet love story and has been long lasting and so genuine. What great role models for us all!

We need to drop off our present asap! Let's get that coordinated!

Gael said...

Love this photo of your dad!

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