Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Template!

Liv.E Designs has done it again with another fabulous template! I love templates because they do so much of the work for you! I rarely scrap, digitally or traditionally, without at least a picture of a layout I like. I may tweak the template or design idea a bit, but they always give me a good starting point. Click here to see the template. At $1.99 it's a must-have!

I used this little pic of Kendall eating a popsicle (in the middle of winter, no less):

On another note, I was so proud of my son's basketball team this weekend! They had their end-of-the-season tournament on Saturday and played their little hearts out! They won their first game in double-OT and lost the second game in OT. It would have been so amazing for them to have won the second game, of course, but we had so much fun watching them play...and they won the league award for "Best Sportmanship". (ok-- not as exciting as actually winning the tournament, but it makes a Mom proud :))


betsy said...

Oh my gosh. That Kendall page is THE sweetest thing ever!!!

Kim Woods said...

Yeah Cale and Kendall! We lost our last of three games in our tournament and Carter was still talking about how he wanted a re-do on Monday. Bummer but if they play hard I'm with you, happy to be the mom!

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