Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday Pics!

This birthday was such a big deal for Kendall. I think age 4 is the first year you really "get" what it's all about. I can still very vividly remember my 4 birthday party in the lower level of our home in Tacoma, Washington. I remember who was there and what my cake looked like. I even remember blowing out the candles. I hope that Kendall has fond memories of her 4th birthday party too. Here are some pics:

My friend, Amber, designed this amazing cake! Isn't it stunning? Absolutely delicious too!

I love this genuinely thrilled reaction to opening a baby doll from her great-grandmother, Grandma Lou! It was such a blessing to have her here from Tampa for the celebration.

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Kendall and her girlfriends!

Kendall and Grandma Lou (modelling some of Kendall's sporty sunglasses)!

I finished Kendall's little "She-Art" girl last night. I told Kendall that the canvas was a bit busier than I wanted, but Kendall said that was ok, she loved it anyway! The colors are pretty bright but they match the palette in her room. Thanks so much for looking! :)


betsy said...

Those birthday pics are soooo cute! I forgot to tell you tonight that I saw your she-art on the counter and I am so in love with it! Those are amazing!!!

sophie said...

these Bday photos are so fun!!! and this painted girl is really beuatiful!thank you for your comment on my blog!! I still cna't believe my luck!!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love this fancy girl!!!!!!!!

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