Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Juju and Ugliest Table Evah!

As I mentioned on Friday, Betsy and I went to Good Juju the moment it opened and I found some serious treasures:

Isn't this to die for? It was a little more than I would typically spend on second-hand furniture, but I think it's amazing!

  I'm giddy--the little sides open!

I love all the distressing. She now resides in our guest room as a bedside table!

I picked up this vintage sewing caddie for my mom. We are thinking we may paint it with Sherwin Williams Dover White.

I can never remember what these are called...but I love the industrial look of it and imagine it might have come from the doorway of an old building downtown.

A fun Samsonite suitcase that I am planning to mod podge. The outside of it feels like vinyl so it should be easy to work with. (Hope I didn't just jinx myself!)

And finally, la piece de resistance...the ugliest table ever!

Seriously! This table is made out of resin and is pretty heavy, given that it only stands about 2 feet tall. It is solid!

I didn't notice the "ladies" until I was loading this little beauty in the car! Classy.

After a can of primer, a can of spray paint and about 30 minutes total time, the transformation was complete and I am in LURVE!

Still not sure where the table will end up but I am so happy with it! (And even Kent liked it!)


Gael said...

Well, that has to be the most stunning transformation that I have ever seen. It truly was ugly and now you have a real treasure. The monkey feet are still funny, though. It almost makes me want to research the symbolism in all of the figures on the pedestal. You had a great eye for "beauty" on this one!

Abby's Garden said...

You've got some fabulous finds! I love it all, especially the first one!



bockychoy said...

I'm dying to know what you will stow in those little side cubbies of your fun bedside table/dresser. Love that distressed look. The stuff in my house is in distress, but not purposefully I had one ounce of your motivation and creativity!!

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