Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fab Recipe Box and Hawksnestapalooza: The Final Chapter

Although I am not going down in the history books as one of the great chefs of our time, I am able to follow a recipe from time to time! :) Carina Gardner has a great release this week called "The Recipe Box" which contains all the goodies needed to put your own recipe box together. My current recipes are housed in an old, cheap plastic index card file, so I took this opportunity to upcycle a thrift store box (any excuse, right?).

This past Memorial Day weekend was spent at the Hawks Nest for the last time. It feels like the end of an era. **sniff**  (Ok, that may be a bit dramatic since I don't like to camp, but I will certainly miss the Hawks Nest.) The Hawks Nest is on some land owned by the mother of one of our closest friends. This land is about 30 miles out of town, has tons of wildlife, a screened-in shelter, a pond with plenty of bass and has been a getaway for us and several other families at least twice per summer for about the last 10 years. Now, our friend's mom has decided to sell the property and is actually closing on June1st. She is getting on in years and would like to move closer to town and not have the responsibility that comes with her large house and all the land. We all talked this weekend about trying to find some acreage to purchase, but we will be hard-pressed to find anything quite as spectacular as the Hawk's Nest.

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