Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-Day Cards


So these are Kendall's Valentine's Cards this year--I think they are hilarious! They really look like she is holding a lollipop. I found this idea on another blog and am kicking myself because I cannot for the life of me remember whose blog it was. (I apologize profusely to the gal with the original idea!)

They are so incredibly easy to make! I took Kendall out on the deck and asked her to pose with one hand out like she was holding something ( a lollipop!). I added the text and the Foto Frame by Splendid Fiins in Photoshop, printed the picture out on cardstock, punched a hole on either side of her little hand and added the lollipops!

Hope you're having a great week!


Jana Holden said...

Way cool card! Such a creative idea!

betsy said...

Holy crap! SO CUTE!!! She looks so big! Has it really been that long since I saw her???

Anonymous said...

Now that is a fabulous idea! I wish I read this sooner but will definitely bookmark it for next year!


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