Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing weekend!

We had so much fun celebrating Suzanne's 40th birthday this weekend! Kim, Suz and I hunkered down in our hotel room from 3pm on Frday night until 1pm on Sunday afternoon, scrapping our brains out! We ventured out just a few times for a quick supply run and some sustenance. Kristie and Debbie were able to join us for a few hours as well and made the celebration that much more fun! I got a ton of things done, including my first project for "The Scrapbook Page" and some canvases for my cousin's engagement party. We try to have these scrap weekends 3-4 times per year, and I am always a bit sad when they end. I look forward to the time with just the girls so much!

Here are some photos from our weekend:

The birthday girl! I've been friends with Suzanne for 20 years, and honestly--the girl does not age! She looks amazing, just like she did when we were sorority sisters at KU!

YUM! We worked on these all weekend! Kim picked them up for us at a fabulous cupcakery--we had peanut butter and chocolate, red velvet, raspberry lemonade, chocolate with sour cream icing, chocolate cheesecake and good ol' vanilla.

Here's Kim scrapping away. Don't you just love the fabulous hat that she made? She is so talented! Kim is the next of our group to turn 40! (Girls, we need to get that weekend on the books!)

Kim, Kristie and Suzanne late on Saturday night. Just look at this poor hotel room! When we move in with our scrap goodies on Friday night, we flat out MOVE IN! There is stuff everywhere, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Suz and I...just LOVE this girl! Amazing friend, mom, wife, person! Looking forward to the next 20 years of friendship with you!

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Kim Woods said...

DITTO! On all of it! Fun weekend, Suzi is just the sweetest, so gorgeous, hasn't aged, best of all---hasn't changed, I absolutely love that we have all know each other for AGES! OMG can you imagine these weekends celebrating 50 and 60? Oh LORDY! I would also like to point out that we do a pretty good job cleaning up before we leave :) But YEAH huge mess! Thanks again for everything Erin, it was a much needed weekend!

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