Monday, April 11, 2011

what a great weekend!

Wow--the weather was nearly perfect this weekend! A little too windy to get a lot of spray-painting done, but I was able to finish up a couple of Studio Girls and spend some time with great friends. Some of our very closest friends (and actually the couple who introduced the hubs and me) and their sweet kids came to spend the weekend with us. Kendall and Cale loved having buddies to hang with and everyone had fun. They brought Kendall a battery-powered Barbie jeep that they were no longer using and she about lost her mind. She is a terrible driver, by the way. Here she is with her cute chauffeur:

Thanks so much for stopping by--I will post some Studio Girl pics tomorrow!


Tara said...

OMG Erin, that Barbie truck looks like so much fun, what a wonderful gift!!

Gael said...

Cute, cute photos, but what will she want to drive at 16 if she has something like this now? What a nice surprise for her.

betsy said...

Look how cute she is with her hair blowing in the wind!

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