Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Studio Girls...and a Great Digi-Art Release!

I created two Studio Girls over the weekend: one for my sister and one (hopefully!) for a boutique I am in talks with (pls keep your fingers crossed for me!).

A little background on my sister, Shannon: she is deathly afraid of bees. I mean the kind of afraid that requires therapy. However, she also has a great sense of humor about it and doesn't mind talking about how "silly" a fear it is (even though it is very real). Our family has many funny tales about Shannon jumping out of cars and throwing milkshakes on people in an attempt to get away from bees. She even jokes that they know how terrified she is and that they lay in wait for her. So, here is Shannon's Studio Girl...when I sent her pics of the finished canvas she laughed so hard she was almost crying! (Please excuse the poor lighting!)

 "She just could not shake the feeling that somewhere, somehow, a bee was watching her."

Here's the second girl with a saying that I stole borrowed from Anne Taintor. :) Makes me giggle.

"She knew she would be the most popular girl at rehab."

Now, on to a new release by Carina Gardner over at Jessica Sprague. I love the trend I am seeing all over the internet of creating and framing fun digital art. This week Carina had a fabulous digital art release called "C'est La Vie". Easy peasy: just print and frame for instant art! Click here to check it out. It comes in 7 great colors. I chose to print it at 8.5X11 in "raspberry" and then spray-painted an old frame to match.

A perfect match for the print!


Tara said...

Erin, you are rocking your studio girls, they are flying out. Also love the print, good on you for doing up the frame - it looks fab.

Gael said...

These Studio Girls are just incredible! Each new one is cuter than the last. They just have such personality, real "attitude."

betsy said...

Your Studio Girls are just AMAZING!!!! When does the Etsy store open??? : )

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