Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day!

It feels like Christmas just happened and now I'm decorating for Valentine's Day! In years past, I haven't typically decorated for anything but Christmas but I am starting to really enjoy making **pretties**  to display at different times of the year--and I think the kids like it too. :)

Some little V-Day stickers that I made for Kendall are displayed on the Jessica Sprague homepage today. I just love these "Little Valentines" that Elle's Designs came up with, and the minute I saw them, I thought they would make darling little stickers to seal up the Valentines that Kendall will be sending to her aunts and grandparents. TFL--have a great week!

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mandi said...

I loved this! So cute and such a good idea. Without a doubt what inspired my bag toppers with Elle's XOXO cards.

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