Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We're on our second snow day here in KC...and, while it's been lovely, I am ready for the kids to go back to school! The streets are pretty clear and we haven't had any snow in about 12 hours so I'm sure we're a go for tomorrow. Kendall and I tried unsuccessfully to build a snowman yesterday--it is so much harder than it looks! I couldn't get the snowball to stay together while rolling it around the yard to make it bigger, so we ended up with a pretty pathetic little mound of snow instead. My sweet husband, trying to make me feel better, said perhaps it was because the snow was too "dry", so we'll just go with that! ha!

And this is the sad, sad little attempt at a snowman. Yikes, looks even worse in a photo!

Soul Restoration started today at Brave Girls and I am already inspired! Can't wait to get started makin' stuff after the kids go to bed tonight! Melody Ross is my hero. :)

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Kim Woods said...

Cute photos! I just love that dog of yours, she makes me laugh! It was WAY too cold for snowmen so my kids just ran out, jumped in the snow and ran back in tracking the wet snow everywhere. OMG no school AGAIN tomorrow! Holy craziness! I have no idea why I am shocked by this since it pretty much happens every year very close to the time the kids go back after Xmas break. jeez...

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