Saturday, November 20, 2010


Kendall is officially three and a half and there is some major DRA-MA going on at our house. Seriously. She was such a little sweet-pea until about 2 weeks ago, and all of a sudden she just turned on me! Everything now is such a big deal...from whether she gets to buckle her own seat belt to how much cereal I pour in her bowl. If she doesn't get her way or something is just a bit off, she will literally throw herself on the floor and SOB. Someone please tell me this does not last through high school! :)

PS: The marker on her hand has nothing to do with this particular tantrum! This meltdown was due to the fact that I would not allow her to have cookies before dinner.


Tracy Kosofsky said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're going through this but I hate to tell you - it gets worse!! Alexa is 6 1/2 and we have major daily drama in our house, too. I am NOT looking forward to the tween years!!

Kim Woods said...

We went through this a year ago with Russell. I spent an entire weekend saying "let me hear you say that like a big boy" so now we get after the offense---whine, scream, demand---"may I can please have chocolate milk" Try it, tell her the sweet way to say it and only give in when she can say it like a "big girl." It is painful but after they see the positive result they'll choose the sweet way rather than the DIVA DEMAND!

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