Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Nephew and a Sale!

I have been in Charlotte for the last week helping my sister with her new baby, Jackson, and he is truly an angel! I have never seen a baby with a sweeter disposition. He only cries if he is hungry or wet and spends a lot of time just chilling out and looking around with his sweet blue eyes. Just want to eat him up! I got this sweet picture of him that she is using on her announcements:

Don't you just want to kiss that little face?

I also want to mention that Jessica Sprague is having a great sale to celebrate the 4th birthday of her fabulous website and shop! Please go check it out!


betsy said...

Oh my Lord he is SO CUTE!!!

Kim Woods said...

Whitney said "now that is going to be a handsome boy" :) she's right!

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