Friday, September 24, 2010


My sweet friend, Kim, put all of the pics we took at Spark on a DVD for me and I just picked it up from her! I am really excited to start my scrapbook of the trip--especially after the fun Spark recap webshow on House of 3 Wednesday night! There is a ton of Spark goodness on their site right now, just in time for all of us Sparkies to get our scrap on! **wink**

Part of the reason I was so over-the-top excited to attend Spark was the fact that many of my creative idols were going to be there! I went ahead and gave myself permission to act like a big dork and ask if they would mind taking a picture with me. Of course they were super sweet and said YES, although they may have been thinking "'re nearly 40 yrs old...get a life!". Still, it was great fun for me to meet the people who inspire my creativity day after day!

Here I am with Heidi Swapp, who was not actually teaching but made a surprise visit, and Janet Hopkins, who taught my very favorite class at Spark. She is extremely funny and just a sweetheart!

Margie Romney-Aslett and me! She is just the coolest chick evah! We got to celebrate her birthday with her on Saturday.

Cutest pregnant girl in the world: Elizabeth Kartchner! Her style and fun personality are amazing! Love her!

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