Sunday, April 4, 2010

Home Again!

Whew! Just got back about an hour ago from western KS, visiting Kent's parents. Very long 5 hour drive, but the kids did remakably well--thank goodness for the invention of the portable DVD player! They had a great time with their grandparents! We realized once we were there that it had been over 2 years since we had made the trek--yikes! While it was nice to relax for a few days, I am happy to be back in the city and the world of technology!

Looking forward to a great week! Spring is here!

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Tara said...

Welcome Home Erin, I know what you mean about the portable DVD player. We drove from New York to Denver with the boys and really don't think we would have even made it even an hour if it wasn't for that wonderful gadget!!!

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