Friday, March 26, 2010

The Terrible Threes have arrived!

I remember people telling us back when Cale was two years old that age three was worse than two...and they were right! Something happens at three that makes them just a tad more difficult to deal with! Kendall's only been three for a few weeks but she is full-blown acting every bit of THREE. Bless her heart, I think she just wants to be more independent but doesn't understand that she can't do everything by herself. She's been through so many important changes in the last month: she became potty-trained (hallelujah!), she started sleeping in a big-girl bed, we started a ballet class...and she just thinks she's all grown up! She is still so sweet most of the time that I want to kiss her little face off, so I know we'll get through this phase!

Brief conversation last weekend:

Daddy to Kendall: Who's my little princess?
Kendall: I am, Daddy, but I'm awfully grumpy!

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